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Seeing Your Blog How Others May See It

People with some types of sight impairments or cognitive impairments benefiting from using the High Contrast Mode on their computers. Viewing your blog in high contrast can be done for free using tools available in PC and Mac operating systems. As an example, to turn on the High Contrast Mode in Windows 7, Select the…

Does Stripping Your Blog of Colour Leave It Readable?

Digging into my Web Accessibility Toolbox, the grayscale conversion accessibility tool GrayBit converts a webpage into grayscale to ensure there is sufficient visual contrast between elements. Sufficient colour contrast is essential for improving readability.

Typing my blog URL into the GrayBit Input Form, a grayscale version of my homepage is rendered:

Blog Accessible site viewed in gray scale

From this version, two things immediately jump out at me:

  1. The post credits – the date, author and category right below the post title – needs greater colour contrast to improve readability.
  2. Underlined hyperlinks is what makes the links visible. The different font colour is not noticeable in grayscale.

Try entering your blog URL into GrayBit. How does it fare? Are any elements difficult to see or to read? Are any changes needed?

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What’s My Favourite in My Accessibility Toolbox?

Working as a Web Accessibility Consultant over the years, I have accumulated quite the toolbox for assessing accessibility of websites and, now, of blogs. One of my favourite tools remains the Colour Contrast Analyzer, available for both the PC and the Mac. Using this handy application, the contrast between a foreground colour and a background…