Is your blog or website including everyone you thought it was?

Receive an in-depth accessibility review within 2 weeks from a professional who not only knows it, but lives it daily.

If you want to know exactly what changes you need to implement on your blog or website to include everyone within your niche – regardless of disability – I can show you.

I will review your site using various evaluation tools, and present you with a customized written report that explains where the barriers are and provides detailed solutions you can implement to remove barriers. Be confident that anyone who comes across your site will be able to view the information and take advantage of the services or products you offer.

So if you have been struggling with wanting to do the right thing by making your content accessible to everyone, then keep reading.

Why is web accessibility important?

Allow me to introduce myself…I am Glenda Watson Hyatt – a blogger, speaker, and small business owner – who is constantly online, searching for tips and tools to increase visibility, productivity and sales.

What you may not know, unless you’ve read my personal blog or we have had the pleasure of meeting in person, is I have cerebral palsy, which affects my muscle coordination. When using the internet:

  • Clicking on small areas is difficult, if not impossible.
  • Fly out menus are tricky to click on before vanishing; I typically click on a link I didn’t intend to go.
  • Auto-start audio or video cause me to jump out of my skin. I hit the Back button as quickly as I can and I’m not likely to return.

And, my forty-five year old eyes are beginning to struggle to read funky colour schemes, and as for CAPTCHAs…I avoid those whenever I can.

Undecipherable Google CAPTCHA

Turning to the larger picture…

There are 54 million Americans – roughly one in five Americans — that, according to the US Census Bureau, have a disability. Painting a more detailed picture, of the 54 million people living with a disability,

  • 73 percent are the heads of households
  • 46 percent are married
  • 58 percent own their own homes
  • 77 percent have no children
  • 48 percent are principal shoppers

The total income of Americans with disabilities tops $1 trillion. This includes $220 billion in discretionary income, which is more than twice the spending power of American teenagers and almost 18 times the spending power of the American pre-teen (“tweens”) market. Globally, the United Nations states there are 650 million people living with disabilities worldwide.

Yet, people with disabilities remain an under-tapped market. Can you afford to exclude these visitors, these readers, these potential customers from your blog or website?

Making My Corporate Experience Available to the Little Guy

After working with corporate clients for fourteen years, I want to share my web accessibility experience with small businesses and serious bloggers.

I have found that people like you want to do the right thing. You want to include everyone by making your information accessible. You want to create a level playing field. You even know web accessibility is good for search engine optimization (SEO).

But you are overwhelmed. You are too busy. You don’t know where to start. I get that.

This is where an Accessibility Review comes in.

How an Accessibility Review Works: Three Steps to a More Accessible Site

Sample of a review coverAccessibility cannot be improved until the barriers are identified. An Accessibility Review identifies the obstacles and how they can be minimized or eliminated. Once you choose between a Basic or a Platinum Accessibility Review and provide your blog or website address…

  1. I will thoroughly review five specified pages of your site using various evaluation tools and a manual check against the 61 testable points of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0.
  2. Then I will write a customized report that details where I found the barriers to accessibility and explain exactly what you need to do to minimize or eliminate them.
  3. Finally I will provide additional resources that will assist you in making your site accessible.

With this Accessibility Review in hand, you will have all of the instructions you need to improve the accessibility of your site and be confident that everyone in your niche can access your content, products and services. Many of my suggestions are easy to implement for people who are not experts in web design.

Your Solution-Packed Guide to Removing Barriers Between Your Niche and Your Products and Services

Sample of report pageIn your comprehensive yet clear and concise report, you receive the benefit of what I have spent 14 years learning. The written report includes:

  • An overview of results for a quick measure of accessibility
  • Detailed results indicating where the problems are and suggested solutions
  • Screenshots of your site to illustrate problems
  • Additional resources for increasing the accessibility of your site

All explained as simply as possible to enhance understanding so you can apply it next time.

Choose Your Review Package Below and Let’s Get You Started

By purchasing an Accessibility Review, you agree that the cost is non-refundable and that the Accessibility Reviews are conducted in the order received. The estimated turnaround time is two weeks.

I guarantee to deliver my best knowledge and expertise.

To ensure you receive a quality review, I am conducting a total of only 4 Basic Accessibility Reviews and Platinum Reviews in October.

All you need to do is choose between:

  • a Basic Review for only $347 and you will receive 14 years of my knowledge and experience,or
  • a Platinum Review for $554 and you receive two reviews in one and save 20%.An accessibility review is a waste of time and money if it sits on a hard drive, not implemented. For this reason, the Platinum Review Service includes a second review three months after the first to check implementation of recommended solutions.

Choose your package and let’s schedule your Accessibility Review now.


Glenda Watson Hyatt

P.S. Remember, I will be offering only 4 Accessibility Reviews in October. Schedule yours now and begin creating a great user experience for all of your readers and visitors.