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FACT: According to the U.S. department of Labour:

  • There are more than 50 million Americans with disabilities.
  • This equates to 18% of the population
  • This 18% are potential customers for businesses of all types across the United States

QUESTION: What is the implication of these figures for blogger and business owners?

FACT: This under tapped market has $175 billion in discretionary spending power.

QUESTION: What is the spending power of persons with disabilities?

FACT: The figure mentioned above is more than twice the spending power of American teenagers and almost 18 times the spending power of the American “tweens” market.

QUESTION: Can you afford to exclude this market with a vast pool of experience, expertise and insights from your blog, and potentially from your business?

FACT: The answer is no!

QUESTION: How accessible is your blog?

FACT: Glenda Watson Hyatt has the answers for you in her stunningly informative eBook “How POUR is your Blog?”

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Inside this free ebook, you’ll discover:

  • A definition of web accessibility increasing your understanding of the barriers facing people with disabilities, 18% percent of the population, while online;
  • 4 characteristics of accessible blogs provides you with an easy-to-remember framework for evaluating your blog’s accessibility;
  • 3 tips for increasing the accessibility of your next blog post to begin immediately making your blog more accessible to expand your reach;
  • Tips for writing alternative text for images, which also improve your search engine optimization;
  • Additional resources on web accessibility offer a starting point for further increasing your blog’s accessibility and reaching 18% of the population that has disabilities.

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