Blog Accessibility Mastermind

Creating a Blogosphere for All

Is your blog reaching every person it possibly can?

Do you know that people with disabilities account for $175 billion in discretionary spending power in the United States alone? These individuals, a significantly under-tapped market, regularly face barriers preventing them from participating fully online. Join with me, increase your readership and pioneer a blogosphere for all!

Consider the following:

These are only three of the many barriers to online activities for many people with disabilities.

Bloggers can do much to increase accessibility of their blogs for their readers and customers.

The power is yours.

Introducing: Blog Accessibility Mastermind
Your Key to Web Accessibility

Blog Accessibility Mastermind is a six-lesson online course designed to introduce bloggers to web accessibility. This course teaches tips and techniques to tweak your blog into something accessible to a readership inclusive of individuals with disabilities -- a whopping 18% of the population.

Blog Accessibility Mastermind is for you if:

This course is designed to get you there by making quick and easy changes and choices.

Glenda Watson HyattI am Glenda Watson Hyatt, aka the Left Thumb Blogger, your course leader. For more than ten years I have worked with three levels of government, transit authorities and non-profit organizations to improve accessibility of their websites and better serve people with disabilities.

I discovered blogging five years ago, and it changed my life forever. For the first time, I could speak with a clear, concise voice and could communicate with the world unhindered by disability. Today I build relationships and friendships with others, regardless of their time zones or abilities.

But I soon realized the barriers people with disabilities encounter on websites also prevent them from participating fully in the blogosphere.

I am now combining my web accessibility expertise with my passion for blogging to bring the internet to the rest of the masses. I want to share this knowledge, enhanced by my first-hand experience of living life to the max with my disability, by working with a group of bloggers interested in pioneering an accessible-to-all blogosphere.

During my recent presentations on this topic at SOBCon (Chicago), BlogWorld (Las Vegas), and WordCamp Fraser Valley (Surrey), I was surprised to discover how many bloggers remain unaware of the barriers people with disabilities online, and the barriers they face while participating on blogs and elsewhere online.

In my experience, once bloggers become aware of these barriers they hunger for information and tips on how to make their blogs accessible to this under-tapped market. Through this realization, Blog Accessibility Mastermind was born.

Blog Accessibility Mastermind, an introductory level course:

In Blog Accessibility Mastermind, I offer tips and technique for increasing accessibility when:

You could figure this out on your own, but why waste time? My course is a reflection of my passion -- removing obstacles to access from the internet. I have compiled a wealth of knowledge that will improve your blogís accessibility.

While Blog Accessibility Mastermind lessons focuses on WordPress, the comment sections provides space for sharing and discussing how lessons can be implemented in other blogging platforms, such as Typepad, Movable Type and Blogger. Blog Accessibility Mastermind fosters group discussions amongst members through the comment section.

Content Delivery

Each lesson identifies a specific barrier facing people with disabilities when reading or participating on blogs, and then provides detailed step-by-step instructions to easily implement a solution. If I can create accessible content using only my left thumb, you can too!

Lessons are delivered to your inbox every Monday to allow you a full week to read through the coursework and implement each task, and consist of a PDF and a task. Additional resources are provided for further reading; some lessons also include captioned videos.

Accessibility is not an absolute, but rather a continuum. Blog Accessibility Mastermind focuses on what you can change within the confines of the blogging platform and the blogging theme. The result is a more accessible blog; the outcome is a more diverse readership!

Blog Accessibility Mastermind is now available at a one-time introductory price of $54 (billed at $27/month for two months). This fee allows access to the course content for four months.

Class begins Monday, June 21st. Only 15 seats are available! Reserve yours today!

Money-Back Guarantee

I offer a 30-day ďlots-of-questions-askedĒ money-back guarantee to ensure you will be satisfied with the results.

If within the first 30 days you decide the course doesnít deliver as promised, or youíre not satisfied with the content, Iíll refund your payment in full Ö but Iíll have questions. Iíll be seeking your feedback to improve the course.

The internet -- and blogging -- opened up the world to me, and I am dedicated, over time, to help build an inclusive blogosphere for all.

Join me!